Mike is a nerdy intellectual kid, who is working on a science project at home while being menaced by his older brother who is just back from the marines and hates … people by way of self-loathing. Trying to harness the power of cold fusion he accidentally spills some gunk on his shoes rendering them invisible. Mike drinks gunk and is gifted with mad psionic powers. Scott Baio and Mike use his new powers to:

  • spy on …’s locker room
  • seduce M, the French teacher
  • win the all-important football/lacrosse/sculling/basketball match/game
  • get rich
  • take a road trip to Mexico
  • build a robotic … (obligatory sequence of Mike and Scott deciding how big … must be)
  • give the evil principal/head of security what for
  • form a rock band of ‘cool’ nerds

After the final rock concert denouement where super-Mike shows all the jocks up, he discovers that Jenny his next door neighbour and best friend is who he wanted all along, even though she kind of looks like a string bean and has braces. Final sequence has satellite that’s been reprogrammed by Scott Baio lasering the evil principal’s house (which they’ve filled with popcorn). Mike hugs Jenny; Baio walks off into the sunset with robotic … to the tune of Styx’s Mr. Roboto. “Now if you could only …” he says while the screen freezes on his face doing a Magnum PI-esque eyebrow raise, smiling.

Fade to brown.