Favourite games the sequel

I’ll try to update this list as I better recall some of the more impressive experiences post-2007 (when the previous list was compiled). It also goes in the opposite order of said list, from most recent and counts backwards.

fcbdFarcry 3/Farcry Blood Dragon

sodState of Decay

masseffectMass Effect 2

d3Diablo III

The Elder scrolls: Skyrim

f3cFallout 3

mwCall of Duty 4: MW

cw2Call of Duty 2

l4d2Left 4 Dead 2

Dungeon Siege III

The 2007 list:

Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio – Commodore Pet
Utopia – Intellivision
King’s Quest Series – PCjr/PC
Arkon – C64
Beach Head – C64
Impossible Mission – C64
Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis – PC
Chelnov, Atomic Runner – Data East, Arcade
Gauntlet – Atari Games, Arcade
Double Dragon – Technos Japan Corporation, Arcade
Prince of Persia – PC
Flashback/Out of this World – Sega Genesis
Eternal Champions – Sega Genesis
Shadows of the Empire – Nintendo 64
Metal Gear Solid – Playstation
Silent Hill – Playstation
Duke Nukem 3D – PC
Blackthorne – Mac version specifically
Tekken Series – Playstation 1,2
Age of Empires II, Age of Kings, The Conquerors – PC
Dark Alliance – Playstation 2 version
Beyond Good and Evil – Xbox, PS2, PC
Mercenaries – Xbox
‘The Bard’s Tale’ – Xbox, PC: